Fire Express LIGHT 45

Fire Express LIGHT 45

Extra Light Shaft
with built in distance-gain technology

The Fire Express LIGHT45 is designed to give optimum performance for all swing speeds. The LIGHT45 shaft is designed to prevent the unreliable movement often experienced with extra light weight shafts and maintain a consistent ball speed at impact. This model enables a higher launch angle for moderate swing golfers and a powerful piercing trajectory for golfers with an average swing speed.

Fire Express LIGHT 45

We have 3 flex prepared according to the head speed.
○F2 33~38m/s
○F1 36~44m/s
○F0 38~45m/s

Fire Express PROTO TYPE 65

Flex Length
Tip Dia.*
Butt Dia.
F2 1168 / 46 47 4.8 8.50 15.10
F1 49 4.7 15.00
F0 50 4.6


※Length of parallel Tip: 50mm (Note: Tip diameter is measured before coating)

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